Complete Your Style Ensemble With Superb Boots

Filling the little void between ‘fine’ and ‘superb’, boots are what complete your outlook. It is as important to get your upper and lower body wear right, as it is to complete the style statement with suitable boots. Over the past few years, boots have catapulted themselves from necessity items to indispensible components of a person’s style machinery.

With so many styles and varieties of boots to choose from, you can easily find yourself lost among several equally special options at the footwear store. This article points out some terrific boots for you, so that you can match those suggestions with your kind of fashion, and pick the best footwear.

Complete Your Style Ensemble With Superb Boots

Tall boots for that killer cowboy look – Nothing beats the sheer oomph of this look, with your skinny jeans neatly tucked inside the neck of the long boot. The contrast crated by blue jeans against pitch black or beige colored long boots will win anybody over. Also, these boots accentuate the sturdy shape of your legs. Match them up with cool and casual shirts, and you have a fashionable look to die for. You can easily find such long boots at affordable price at Milanoo, the perfect online destination to satisfy all your apparel, footwear and accessories shopping needs.

Oxfords, for that inimitable sheen of grace and poise – This one’s to make your work dressing a bit more stylish and expressive. With shiny oxfords, you cut out that perfect image of a smart and confident individual who knows what he wants. Team your oxfords up with formal trousers of all sorts, and get ready to add some life to the way you dress for the weekdays to your office.

Colorful loafers to spell out fashion when you walk the streets – You would not have to travel far to find loafers in your favorite colors. It is a great move to stock some neutral and some vibrant colors in your collection of footwear. These boots will work well with your denims, as well as other kinds of casual jeans. The splash of colors will definitely make you feel great as you head out in the evenings to meet up with friends for a casual dinner. Don’t forget to ensure that your boots match well with your trousers and jeans, and present the required contrasts.

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Casual Style for Women

Today we bring you another proposal thinking of our wardrobe. A simple linen blazer, t-shirt, dancers, baggy pants and a scarf, the easier it impossible. A look comfortable, as we like to show you, perfect for the day without losing an ounce of style. Because to have that special something not necessary to lose his head.

Casual Style for Woman

Of course like all our get the look if you have similar items in other tones can try and fit, the idea is to move the closet ^ _ ^ Do you like our proposal this week?

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Fashion Style For Summer

We return to the fray with this section that stands out as one of your favorites and therefore we will try to give priority. This week the challenge we have set ourselves is to get a look halftime despite using winter garments. And is that our obsession is that we can make good our closets, without letting ourselves get ideal looks large outlays (I’ve told you a thousand times).

Fashion Style For Summer

What do you think, I like our get the look of this week? Test passed?

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Get the look

A new proposal as summer decides whether to stay or not. In our get the look today, coral light sweater and skirt color camel, until then fine, but … What do you think of the boots as it’s hot? Mireia and I talked about it this week, it is quite clear from Valencia, not to mention better for the next season. I disagree from Asturias: enjoy the summer footwear is a must but when evening falls and temperatures relax the combination dress-brown-boots leg seems perfect! in fact the only way to bring the legs into the air with boots. But we wanted to use this post to set up a debate: yes or Boots? boots?

Get the look

Get the look

With or without boots we wish you’ll have a great weekend with lots of sun and good company!

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Looking for a wedding look…

Each year at the beginning of spring are many of us at one time or another we have to find a look to attend a wedding and while some that poses no problem, for others it is a big headache.

I will never understand the need for the midrange firms try to dress up to attend such events. They seem to forget that Inditex has accustomed us to have clothes above trend and affordable. Of course I also have dresses for these events, but most of us mortals away from them for fear of match dressed as another guest.

wedding look

In addition there are weddings that maybe have a special value and for that reason we look for a different look. That special wedding becomes the perfect event in which look strong sunbonnet if you never have done or long dress , or any other item that is out of the ordinary. For me those weddings are really difficult especially as we function and the budget we have. With a body of insurance scandal did not find major problems, but after a certain age or depending on the size, there is a high risk of resorting to these types of weddings in disguise and more ugly and faded in the day to day.

If I may effect the evil barrel or effect bright probe is very common in these ceremonies. It is tremendous the difficulty women from age to find fabrics with movement , fall, without excess shine, designs able to balance and enhance the female body , with cuts and proportions right etc … I wonder why brands aimed at women over 50 years placed his clothes in girls than twenty? I wonder what causes them to design logic strapless dresses or tops that leave all arms in the air? Lords designers, arms are one of the first female parts that aging and certain age most people are more comfortable with covered arms , do not think you’re revealing a great secret.

wedding look

Finally I would like to banish irrational conceptions-for me-that pass from one to another and we absurdly limited. ‘s black is not a color for weddings Why not? There will be no other sentence so darn stupid today. The black has become a sober color and elegant , slimming, and has nothing to do with the times in which was associated with mourning and therefore the pain of the loss of a loved one. Wearing a dress, black monkey or group does not mean go sad because as we all know already, supplements can give you all the joy that each specific need and look anyway? Looks wearing any model below to go to a funeral?

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Changing Clothes Closet Equals New

This weekend I decided to finally make the switch cabinet my approach was simple “if beyond the June 15 must continue with parkas, socks and sweaters fat, for me it’s time to get cold” As a result of do a lot of clothes from different seasons appeared before my eyes and as if by magic, I found myself with a lot of new clothes without having to leave home, you know that feeling.

I think that’s why the look of today do not carry anything in season. I wish I had done the photos before the dress suffer the rigors of a busy morning so that you only saw him without a wrinkle but does not say that wrinkles are beautiful? Well that!

Changing Clothes Closet Equals New

Changing Clothes Closet Equals New

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The Longest Sponsorship History

Hugo Boss

Think about where you were 32 years ago. If at that time and counting on the gift of being or being. In that year (we’re talking 81), Hugo Boss began sponsoring the Formula 1 team McLaren. Now there’s nothing left for the Grand Prix of Spain 2013, the German company is already gearing up. Last night I had a party at his shop in Paseo de Gracia, who served as street box for Vodafone McLaren Mercedes. Incidentally, Hugo Boss entertained the new pilot of the team, Sergio Perez. But it was the only guest of honor at the party. Villiota Mary accompanied him, who had long since spent by an event of this nature.

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Giorgio Armani Opens in Cannes

Giorgio Armani Opens in Cannes

The film is not all that stirred Cannes these days. Yesterday we opened the first store in the city Giorgio Armani (specifically, 24 La Croisette), and also with surprise. Because in the 600 m² which occupies this space, it also integrates a new concept: Armani/Caffè. So before or after equip from head to toe in the boutique, which includes a private room for tailoring, you can savor Italian dishes designed by Chef Armani Group, Meloni Soriano.

Giorgio Armani Opens in Cannes

The shop space extends distinos based levels in raw tone stone for floors and Venetian stucco silver finish for ceilings and walls. The furniture, however, is made of black painted teak and black glass and steel in the case of the tables, the accessories are located in an area of ??almost invisible transparent shelves.

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Marc Jacobs, The Swan Fashion

Marc Jacobs creations thought two firms as diverse as Louis Vuitton and which bears his name. An increased work with his appointment as creative director of Diet Coke and his first foray into the big screen. The designer turns to gold everything he touches, leaving behind a troubled past and flirting with drugs.

marc jacobs

The life of Marc Jacobs (New York, 1963) is a typical success story that everyone wants to look. Young troubled, chubby, shy and with a veiled flirtation with drugs, this talented New Yorker won with only 30 years to launch his own firm, and two decades later boasts an empire of two brands, one of them the historic Louis Vuitton- has been transformed into a statuesque Adonis and turns to gold everything he touches.

For it off in April comes to the big screen his first acting job in the film “Disconnect” and has been named creative director of Coca Coke. And the old “ugly duckling” of the fashion world transformed into a swan, turns to gold absolutely everything it touches.

Tattoos and piercings, usual skirts and with a boyfriend oppressor porn, Jacobs draws attention wherever he goes, but not all due to image processing. His extraordinary sensitivity for fashion has become the guru who has managed to rejuvenate the ancient and Parisian Vuitton and has elevated the firm that bears his name brand fetish of women around the world.

Success besides, Marc Jacobs is one of the figures who set the pace in the world of fashion. Two companies, two continents, two totally different styles and praised alike. With the brand that bears his name in New York offers simple lines a proposal aimed at a contemporary woman, lover and easy urban style, while in Paris, pour all their imagination and enjoy luxury for a firm that requires it. Since Jacobs took command of the parade Vuitton brand is among the most anticipated fashion week in Paris.

Last year was able to convert the catwalk in a train station, which came the models wearing gorgeous dresses trapezoidal made luxury and pampering, each accompanied by an operator wearing his iconic bags.

The surprise the public was no less than his last parade in the Big Apple, when arranged a circular walkway with a large sun presiding space, in which a proposal paraded metallic coats “oversize” of cloth combined with shorts pants in shades ocher and earth.

Technical and stylistic quality of both proposals is sample of what Jacobs has said on numerous occasions, and is dedicated to his work long hours, sometimes 10, sometimes 18 to 20, depending on the season of the year. Beyond its theatrical stagings image and the fashion world thanks not only the quality of their proposal, but respects the extraordinary progress that has been over two decades of career, although many believe that the best of his talent is yet to come.

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The body of a watch

The body of a watch

Few things more like the man to know how things work. The curiosity that kills the cat sometimes, other is completely satisfied. This we know well in manufacturing than Hublot has in Nyon, which are experts in creating bestsellers based inside the clock stop in sight. The last one is less than a year but it is an icon: it is the Classic Fusion Extra-Thin Skeleton, which this year presented in satin-polished black ceramic. But not the only novelty that also incorporates the new movement has Classico (HUB1300). And all in a box with a thickness of 2.9 mm. Lucky, the cat…

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